About Us

About Us

Kiran Vividhkala Mahavidhyalay was established by Shurtilay Lok Kalyan Samiti in 2007 at Bhopal. Kiran Vividhkala Mahavidhyalay (KVM) is the best Music and Art college in the Madhya Pradesh. Affiliated to Raja Mansingh Tomar Music and Art University, Gwalior, (M.P.). KVM provides an innovative education that prepares graduates and post-graduates for creative and professional careers in the contemporary music and art industry. KVM is dedicated to providing comprehensive instruction, facilities and other resources to support and inspire artistic and professional accomplishment.


The mission of KVM is to educate, train, and prepare students to excel at careers in music and arts, which reflect the diversity of expression and opportunities that define today’s music and art industry.

KVM Music and art prepare highly talented students for careers as passionate performers and composers, and as imaginative, effective leaders in the arts.


KVM is committed to the pursuit of excellence in music and art education, character building, development of personality and responsible citizenship.


• Resolution for the overall development of all the students of the college.

• Training of various forms of music art and being established as examination center.

• Development of various arts, seminars, cultural events, youth festivals and social meditation.

• To make an indelible impression in every field of society through music, dance, painting, acting and motivating young people to nationalize.